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Choose the best topic from A to F.
小题1:A breakfast is very important Because you have not eaten anything for the              Whole night. Your body needs food for morning study.
小题2:Some students go to school without breakfast. They eat instant noodles             when they are hungry. It is bad for their bodies and health. In fact,a good breakfast should be rice or bread, an egg, milk fruit and vegetables.
小题3:Nowadays,we can find ads everywhere,You can find them on TV, on many            Posters ,when you listen to the radio ,you can hear some ads. Even on Internet you also can find them in the web pages .
小题4:Some things can carry messages. For example, a sign at the bus stop can help You to know which bus to take. Signs on the door tell you where to go in Or out.                   Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of signs around you and that you receive messages form them all the time?
小题5:Many people can use computers, but few of them know how to look after them. Remember the following :keep your computer, in a cool, dry room,         don’t put water or food near your computer, keep your screen clean and not too bright.
A. Signs and Messages
B. The Importance of Breakfast
C. Morning Study
D. You can Find Ads Everywhere
E. What Should Eat for Breakfast
F. Use the Computer in Right Ways
题型:【其他题型】 难度:【未知】
小题1: Helen, an outgoing college student, plans to learn a new and different skill. She thinks having more skills is good for her future development.
小题2: John is always helping others. He is glad to volunteer more for more people.
小题3: Alex is not good at communicating with other people. His parents expect him to have some improvement.
小题4: Jenny is an outgoing girl and she likes making new friends. She is also interested in English and hopes to improve her English.
小题5:Sally wants to travel on very little money. And she would like to learn about a place from the local (本地的) people.
A.We are going to have an English summer camp this year. Here you can not only make friends but also practice your English. Do you like it? Our phone number is 995-3564.
B.Are you interested in painting? Can you paint well? We are going to have a live painting competition next week. Just call 355-7892 for further information.
C.Here’s a program called“Meet a New Family”.It aims to develop children’s independence and improve their communication skills by having two families exchange (交换) their children for a few weeks. Is it exciting? Call us at 464-3464.
D.Do you still have no idea what to do to have a meaningful summer vacation? Then come and join us! We are going to teach the left-behind children (留守儿童) in a village as volunteers. Tel: 463-6757.
E. We are planning a working vacation on a farm in Hunan for two weeks. You can pay for your rooms, food and trips by doing some farm work with  the  local  farmers.  You  only  need  to  pay  for  the  bus  tickets.    Tel: 788-2468.
F. Do you like outdoor activities? We are looking for three more people to go to Fenghuang Mountain by bike this summer. Want to join us? Call us at 223-5765.
G. Do you want to learn something new this summer? Fengshun Driving School offers college students a chance to learn to drive at a low price.  All our teachers have rich experience and they are also friendly. Tel: 353-5467.
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Most children likes watching TV very much. And they like watching  小题1:__________
cartoons every day. But watching TV too many is bad for them. Why do   小题2:__________
children likes watching TV? Because they think it is interested and小题3: __________
easy to watching TV. They can hear the voices and watch the moving 小题4:__________
pictures at a same time. They can see and learn a lot  小题5:__________
from their countries. They also learn newer and better ways of 小题6:__________
do something. They may find the world is smaller and smaller.  小题7:__________
Many children watch TV only on Saturday and Sunday evening.Because小题8:_________
they are busy with lessons on weekdays. And some children watch TV 小题9:__________
every night. So they go to bed too later. It’s bad for their health and eyes. 小题10:_________
题型:【其他题型】 难度:【未知】
When he was 16, his father seriously said to him, "I'll give you whatever you want before you are 18. 小题1: , and you should give me whatever I want." When his 18th birthday was coming, the young man began thinking about looking for a job. So he sent his resume(简历)to many companies on the internet. But most got no reply.
By chance, one of his friends was looking for someone, who could carry eggs in the supermarket, for one Yuan a box. Facing lots of difficulties in getting a job, he said, “小题2:. At least I can make some money for the cost of my car.” Then every day, he drove his car to work in the supermarket. He did that for three months.
Later, he heard that a newspaper was looking for a network technician.小题3:. But they were also worried about his school education. He practiced his skill right in front of the computer. 小题4: . He started to work the next day, and became the leader of network office in a year.
And now, the 23-year-old man is a boss. In January 2005, he started a magazine for children. And the only writer was his father.
题型:【其他题型】 难度:【未知】
Hi, Jake,
How's it going? Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while, but I couldn't use my computer for a few days. You'll never guess what happened to me!
A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take up yoga. Yoga is  combination of physical and breathing exercises. 小题1: I've been feeling a bit stressed about my school work recently and I thought yoga might help.
My dad couldn't give me a lift to the first lesson, so I decided to go to the gym by bike.  The lesson was great and I felt really relaxed afterwards. 小题2:The next day , I woke up with a bad cold. I couldn't stop coughing and sneezing.  I couldn't go to school because I also had a high temperature. We were having a maths test that day so it was great that I could stay at home. I didn't really enjoy my day off though. I felt awful and stayed in bed. Mum brought me cups of hot tea for my sore throat(and you know how much I hate tea 小题3:    I have to keep taking these for a while so I can get stronger.
That afternoon Robbie came to visit me .He said he’d got something to cheer me up and pretended it was the math test that I missed."Mr Banks says do it at home instead ,”he said , but I knew he was joking. 小题4:   The next day, I was a bit pale and didn't have much energy, but I was feeling better. The day after that, I was able to go back to school.
Can you believe my luck? 小题5:
Anyway, you're OK. Write and let me know what you've been up to ! Bye for now !
题型:【其他题型】 难度:【未知】
Which university would you like to go to in the future? It’s not too early to think about it right now.
Students at Hilltop School had a University Week at the end of last month.  小题1:   For instance, they designed a flag for a virtual(虚拟的)“University of Hilltop”.
小题2: He said he started the program to help students form their aims. “University may not be for everyone, but we want the program to help students form their aims.” he said.
小题3:    Eric, a student in Grade 8, said, “University Week made me realize that university is only four years away. I should do some research about where I want to go.” Paul, another student in Grade 8, said he realized that there so many universities for him to choose.   小题4:
The school also invited people to give career(职业)talks. The first talk was given by Captain Brown, a policeman. He talked about how to choose a career way.小题5:
“The program opened up the students’ eyes,” said Mr. Miller.
A. According to the students, the program worked well.
B. He also talked about the importance of math, reading, and writing in his career as a    policeman.
C. During the week, they took part in all kinds of activities.
D. Mr. Miller is the teacher who started the program.
E. Eric thinks it’s too early to think about which university to go to in the future now.
F. After some research, he said he wanted to choose the University of California.
题型:【其他题型】 难度:【未知】
In 2013, the most p 小题1:TV program must be Dad, where are we going .Most of people fell in love with five lovely children ,and were moved by their childishness.(童真).Five star-daddies took care of them w小题2: mothers’ help. They took us to visit many wonderful places in our country by w小题3: the program.
Do you like Kimi? He is just four years old .He is a boy, b小题4:  he is quite shy .His daddy is a superman in his heart.Angela is a smart girl.She likes eating so much.That is w 小题5:  she looks a bit heavy. She is very polite to ask others for h 小题6:  when she has problems.Cindy is a beautiful girl .We all know she is a crybaby at 小题7: ,but we can find great changes on Cindy .In fact (事实上),She is very helpful and active among (在…...之中) these c 小题8:. Stone is the eldest kid .At the beginning of the programe ,he n 小题9:  cries. He always helps others as much as possible. Tiantian is an outgoing boy ,he and his father get along like b 小题10: . Many people like him because he is handsome and clever .The kids and their dads get to know more about each other through this program.
题型:【其他题型】 难度:【未知】
Bobby walked on the sidewalk. He walked past the park. He saw the kids playing. "Why don't they want to play with me ?” he thought.
It was a mystery(谜)to him. Oh , sure. He was new in town . They moved to the town just two months ago. He knew it was hard to make new friends . 小题1:
At the same time , Cassie watched Bobby from the park. Every day she saw this boy walk by slowly .
小题2:     " Why doesn't he want to play with us?" she thought. Oh, sure. He was new in town. But she'd tried to say "Hi" to him. It was a mystery to her.
The days went on. Bobby walked to and from school alone. He always felt bad about not having friends. Cassie kept saying" Hi" but they never talked more.小题3:
Bobby kept thinking about it.小题4:      Finally , three weeks before the end of school , Cassie had an idea. "I'm not sure why he doesn't seem to want friends.小题5:.         I'm going to invite him to my birthday party. " Cassie wrote an invitation to invite Bobby to her birthday party.
"Will Bobby come to my birthday party?" she was not sure, It was still a mystery to her.
A. He never stopped.
B. He is so crazy.
C. But I am going to try harder.
D. But he still didn't understand.
E. Cassie kept thinking about it.
F. I'm not interested in playing it.
G. What was the problem?
题型:【其他题型】 难度:【未知】
The twenty-seventh of July, 2002 ,was the worst day in Janek Mela’s life. The Polish boy had an accident and lost half his left leg and half his right arm. 小题1:    and was very sad.
Then his most important journey began. Marek Kaminski, a famous Polish explorer, visited Janek and asked him to go to the North and South Poles (南北极)with him. Janek gave the best answer of his life.
Janek prepared for the trips for a few months. First, he learned to use his artificial (man-made) leg 小题2:.
Their first expedition was to the North Pole. Janek and the team had to be careful. There were animals, dangerous ice and bad weather. 小题3:, but things got better. They got to the pole on April 24th, 2004. Janek was 15.
In December, the team started the expedition to the South Pole. The weather was worse this time.小题4:. They finally arrived at the South Pole on December 31st, 2004.
Janek is the youngest explorer to go to the North and South Poles because he was brave and said “Yes!”
题型:【其他题型】 难度:【未知】
When you get up in the morning, do you find it hard to choose what clothes to wear? If so,  小题1:  , like what to do when you’re older.
Brave New Girls, written by an American author Jeannette Gadeberg, will help you make such choices. To make them, it says, you must be a “brave new girl”. A brave new girl is one who’s confident, healthy and happy. A brave new girl can realize her dreams.
小题2: . Other people may tell you what to do, you can listen to them or not, it’s your business. You should only do what you would like.
If you always wear clothes like those of your favorite TV stars, for example, you should stop doing this. Instead,【小题3】.
The book also says that girls must start becoming more confident. If you’re confident, you’ll succeed in life. A good way to become confident is to realize that you are as clever as boys or you’re much cleverer than boys. Just look at their grades!
Today’s brave new girls will become tomorrow’s brave new women.
小题3:   .
A. To be brave, you need to make decisions by yourself
B. If you want to become “brave”, you should look pretty and healthy
C. Only in this way can you achieve your dreams and become who you want to be
D. you should become your own star and wear the clothes you like
E. you probably need to help making the bigger choices in your life